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Hi, I’m Franz,
an amatuer musician
based in Melbourne

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Casio LK 170

My very first instrument - the Casio LK 170 - a beginner keyboard in every sense of the word. Notice the marks left on the keys; thsoe were from stickers I eventually peeled off that denoted which key was at that position. It may not sound as good as a Korg Kronos but it does the job. It's perfect for youngsters who need a keyboard which makes it a bit easier to learn how to play.

Casio LK 170

About Franz

Franz is an amateur musician with a developing collection of musical instruments and accessories. He loves to make music with his friends and experiment with instruments he does not own yet.

Pro-Ject T1

Pro-Ject T1

A turntable isn't always the first thing you think of when it comes to making music. However, the Pro-Ject T1 has been a crucial componenet in my music making process - specifically when it comes to sampling old records. The build quality is great and the minimalistic design presents itself very well.

Arturia Minilab MKII

Arturia Minilav MKII

A midi keyboard does everything a standard keyboard does but more. You're able to connect to directly to a DAW and modify the sounds like a synthesiser. It presents so
many possibilites that it
can become an
essential piece in
anyone's home